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This wing offers services towards coordinating with and managing high caliber and influential media professionals. We are experts in organizing events and Public Relation activities.
The wing coordinates with beat based journalists and provides a platform for all products and events/activities of corporate houses, industries, NGOs, governments, public sector bodies or local bodies. The scope of activities includes activities related with sports, cinema, TV serials, health, agriculture, defence and education. Our vast network, personal relations and credibility have lent us expertise in organizing and managing press conferences, product launches, seminars, fairs, VIP co-ordinations and press communications.


With a vast network of professionals specializing in related fields, this wing possesses expertise in organizing and conducting all kinds of events. We provide resources, and end to end solutions for events/series of events which include venue, artists, guests, conferences and coverage.
With us you can rest assured for perfect execution of your project, theme and target achievement.


Thanks to our reach and specialization, we hold a niche place in the field of PR. Our PR activities are not just limited to publications and conferences. We believe in developing good, healthy and long term relationship by serving you to achieve your dreams. Through our dedicated team and network we can provide services to sap tremendous results from fields like government, non-government, political setup, and commercial sectors.

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